Committee Meetings

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2019 Meetings:

Minutes: 3rd June

Minutes: 1st April

Minutes: 4th February

2018 Meetings:

Minutes: 10th December

Minutes: 29th October

Minutes: 24th September

Minutes: 3rd September

Minutes: 18th June

Minutes: 30th April

Minutes: 5th March

Minutes: 29th Jan

2017 Meetings:

AGM Details

Minutes: 31st October 2017

Agenda: 31st October 2017

Minutes: 2nd October 2017

Agenda: 4th September 2017 & Meeting Minutes

Agenda: 19th June 2017

Minutes: 8th May 2017

Minutes: 6th March 2017

2016 Meetings:

Minutes: 12 December 2016

Minutes: 1st November 2016

Agenda 26th September

Meeting 5th September Minutes: Agenda & Annex.
Accounts to 5th September

Meeting 4th July Minutes & List of Officers

Meeting: 27th June 2016 Agenda

Meeting: 25th April 2016 & Minutes

Meeting: 15th March 2016 & Minutes

Meeting: 9th February 2016 & Competition Report January

2015 Meetings:

Meeting: 8th December 2015 & Bequest Criteria

Meeting: 3rd November 2015

Meeting: 29th September 2015

Meeting: 15th September 2015

Meeting: 18th August 2015

Meeting: 6th June 2015

Meeting: 12th May 2015