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Plot Husbandry.
No-one expects your plot to be immaculate without a weed in sight and all plants in straight lines, but we do ask that you try to keep the weeds down so that they don’t spread to neighbouring plots.  In a perfect world, all weeds should be dug out, but it should be enough to keep them down and prevent them from flowering.

The pathways on each side of your plot should be kept strimmed or mown as should the areas at each end of your plot ie either the common boundary with your neighbour or along a roadway or the fence.

Keep yout fruit trees and bushes pruned so that they don’t stray over the pathways or shade the neighbouring plots.

If you want an area on your plot to ie fallow for any reason, strim it and then cover it in mypex or plastic (available from the shop) which will sufocate most of the weeds and [revent their spread.

All sheds must be fitted with watercatchment and at least one water butt and each plot should have a composting area or bin.

There are no bins on site.  Green waste may be burnt – see the guidance on bonfires – but rubbish needs to be taken to the tip.”