Community Board

*** Announcements ***

REMINDER! Wood chips are free for all, but before taking away any other materials from common areas, members are required to contact the committee for permission. Wood left near the container for Association works disappeared during the summer.

Shop: We plan to open the shop on Easter Sunday, March 31st, provided the first stock order has been received.
Water and Roadways: Weather permitting, the roadways will also open from Easter Sunday, March 31st, and the water will be turned on.
We do ask members to keep your vehicles off the roadways until the 31st; however, if you urgently need to bring a delivery (e.g. manure) to your plot, you may do so. Please be sure to put the barriers back in place as soon as you are finished.



Next Committee Meeting: Wednesday, April 17th, 19:30
Next Working Party: Sunday, March 17th 11:00 -13:00, Sunday, April 21st 11:00 -13:00





To find out more about our allotment community, or to get involved or simply just drop by and say 'hi' contact us here.

Waiting List

If you wish to be placed on the list, please e-mail the Lettings Secretary by clicking here.


Payable in September Plot Size / Annual rent Full £30 / Half £15 / Quarter £7.50